Thursday, July 31, 2014

Zambians steal the show at SCECSAL 2014 Cultural Evening

The victorious Zambians and well-wishers celebrating
On Thursday evening, librarians and information professionals from Zambia were crowned winners of the SCECSAL 2014 Cultural Evening award for the third time. The competition, a biennial event, involves participants from each member Library Association performing a cultural dance. The determined Zambians, who danced to Na Monga, a hit song by the Amayenge Band, dethroned their Ugandan colleagues, the defending champions and winners of the SCECSAL 2012 award in Kenya. The Ugandans came third behind the hosts, Malawi Library Association members, who took up the second position.

Except for information professionals from Zimbabwe who refused to take part citing lack of preparation, all the Member associations present at SCECSAL 2014 took part in the completion. They included Lesotho and Namibia that had only three and two participants respectively. The spirit to take on the mighty Zambians, the incredible Ugandans and the amazing Malawians, shown by these two countries impressed me.

Acrobatic displays and traditional dancers from Malawi spiced the Cultural Evening.

The question now is: who will win the 2016 Cultural Evening award?

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