Monday, August 4, 2014

SCECSAL 2014 General Assembly makes major decisions

Participants at SCECSAL 2014
The SCECSAL 2014 conference’s General Assembly on Friday, in Lilongwe, Malawi, made major decisions that will have an impact on the hosting of the SCECSAL biennial conferences, management of SCECSAL affairs in between the conferences, and the visibility and communication of SCECSAL activities.
Month for SCECSAL conferences

Henceforth all SCECSAL conferences will be in the month of April. This decision was made to make it easier for potential participants to plan their participation in the Conference in advance. It will also prevent Member Association hosting the conference to hold it in July or August, months that have potentially presented problems due to their closeness to the IFLA conference, which is held in August.

Management of the SCECSAL affairs
In between the SCECSAL biennial conferences, a Committee of Presidents/Chairpersons of the Member Associations shall manage SCECSAL affairs. The President/Chairperson of the Association that hosted the recent past biennial conference shall chair the Committee for a period of two years. The President/Chairperson of the next host of the SCECSAL conference shall serve as Secretary to the Committee for a period of two years.

Social Media presence
In addition to the SCECSAL web site, the General Assembly agreed to establish a presence on social media, specifically on LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. An official SCECSAL blog will also be set-up. 

SCECSAL branding
The General Assembly agreed to re-brand SCECSAL, and adopted Blue, Green and Yellow as the main colours of the of the organization. A new logo will be designed.

Amendments to SCECSAL constitution
The General Assembly adopted a proposal to initiate amendments to the SCECSAL constitution.

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