Tuesday, May 8, 2018

SCECSAL members associations resolve to report regularly on their contributions to development agendas

Uganda Minister of State for Gender and Culture, Madame Mutuuzo Peace (middle)
with members of the SCECSAL General Council during
the opening session of SCECSAL 2018 
The SCECSAL General Council, on 27 April, in Entebbe, Uganda, adopted a resolution to force
member associations to report on activities carried out in their respective countries in support of the implementation of the global or Africa-wide or national development agendas on a biennial basis.

Henceforth, all future SCECSAL conferences will include a session at which SCECSAL member national library (information) associations will be required to present reports on their contributions to the development agendas.

In 2014, in Lilongwe, Malawi, the General Assembly had called upon the member associations to align their activities to the national and global development agendas and develop post 2015- strategies, something which very few associations have done.

The Entebbe meeting also:
  • requested member Associations to establish partnerships with LIS schools and agree on modalities for multi-stakeholder processes for all future library and information studies curriculum design or revisions
  • resolved to establish a SCECSAL Committee of Focal Points (CFP) whose main function shall be to manage day to day SCECSAL activities with the support of the SCECSAL Secretariat.
  • called upon member Associations to work with organisations for the people with disabilities and organisations for the visually impaired people and advocate for the ratification and domestication of the Marrakesh Treaty in their respective countries.

A copy of the SCECSAL 2018 resolutions is available on the SCECSAL website.

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