Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SCECSAL XX Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, 2012

The XXth Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and South Africa Library and Information Associations (SCECSAL) 2012 conference will take place at Intercontinental Hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya from  4th– 8th June 2012 to address the Theme: Information for Sustainable Development in a Digital Environment. For details, visit Kenya Library Association (KLA) website.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Developing Knowledge for Economic Advancement in Africa: 2nd International Conference on African Digital Libraries and Archives (ICADLA-2)

The 2nd International Conference on African Digital Libraries and Archives (ICADLA-2), hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand, will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 14 – 18 November 2011.

The theme of the conference is Developing Knowledge for Economic Advancement in Africa.  

For more information, visit the ICADLA-2  website.

Participation is invited from all African countries, private and public international development organisations, and other countries aiding Africa

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sights from ZLA 2011 AGM

A fishing boat on Lake Kariba
View of Lake Safari Lodge from Lake Kariba
ZLA 2011 AGM delegates on a boat cruise

ZLA Honours 5 Individuals

Dr. Chifwepa receiving his certificate

On 13 August 2011, the Zambia Library Association honoured five individuals for their contribution to the development of the library and information profession in the Zambia and support to ZLA. The five, who were presented with Honorary Membership Certificates, are:

  • Professor Maurice Lundu
  • Dr. Justin Chisenga
  • Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa
  • Dr. Hudwell Mwacalimba
  • Mr. Charles Lungu

The certificates were presented by Ms. Francina Makondo, ZLA President, at a Cocktail Party held at the Lake Safari Lodge, in Siavonga.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Francina Makondo re-elected as ZLA President

A smiling Ms. Makondo after the elections
Zambia Library Association members have shown confidence in Ms Francina Makondo and her Executive Committee by re-electing them back into office. Ms. Makodo was un-opposed for the post of  President of the Zambia Library Association (ZLA) at the just ended ZLA Annual General meeting. About 100 members of the Association met on 13 August 2011, at Lake Safari Lodge located on the banks of the Lake Kariba, to deliberate on the affairs of the Association and to elect members of the Executive Committee for 2011/2013, which comprise the following individuals:
  • President: Francina Makondo (University of Zambia)
  • Vice President: Charles Banda (Copperbelt University)
  • Secretary: Otila Malasa Shikati (National Institute of Public Administration)
  • Membership Secretary: Kennedy L. Mutila (Ministry of Education)
  • Publicity Secretary: Eric Simukonda (The Post Newspapers Ltd)
  • Treasurer: Bishop Phillip Banda (Zambia Revenue Authority)
  • Vice Treasurer: Lembani Dambo Chagona (ZCCM Investments Holding PLC)
  • Project-Coordinator: Muswa Suuya (National Assembly)
  • Editor: Dr. Akakendelwa Akakadelwa (University of Zambia)
  • Committee Member: Mirriam Mumba (Zambia Environmental Management Agency)
The only new member to the Executive Committee is Mr. Eric Simukonda who was elected as Publicty Secretary.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Librarians Advised to Innovate or Become Irrelevant

Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa delivering the keynote address
Librarians in Zambia have been called upon to be innovative or they will find themselves irrelevant in the fast changing information environment. Speakers during the morning session of the first day of the Zambia Library Association (ZLA) Annual Conference, at Lake Safari Lodge in Siavonga, urged information professionals in the country to move from the notion of “business as usual”, to take up the reins and drive the information profession in the country. Discussions at the conference showed that developments in the world information environment, among others, have resulted into:

  • Several competing professions in the information environment resulting in certain jobs which hitherto use to be a preserve for librarians being carried out by other professionals;
  • Modern information and communication technologies such as the Internet and Web 2.0/social media have opened up new sources of information to potential library users
In his keynote address, Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa, University Librarian at the University of Zambia, called upon librarians in the country to have foresight, be alert and catch-up with the changing and up-coming technologies that are having an impact on the delivery of library and information services. Librarians in the country need to move at the same pace as their users if they are to provide the services the users will ever require.
Prof. Mary Wagner

Prof. Mary Wagner, during her presentation on Public Libraries: Catalyst for Information Literacy indicated that public libraries are essential infrastructure in a democratic society and should play a key and supportive role an information literate society.  However, faced with the problems of under-funding and poor library infrastructure, public librarians need to innovate and should consider providing targeted services to their communities within the limited resources available. Potentially, public librarians should target children, adults in employment, immigrants and émigrés, and provide ICT facilities for use by the communities.

In his paper on Information Professionals as "Hybrid Managers” in the Knowledge Economy: A Review from the Zambian Perspective, Mr. Sitali Wamundila, a lecturer in the Department of Library and Information Studies, urged information professionals in the country to transform themselves into “hybrids” capable of performing various roles in the information economy, if they are to compete  effectively with other information professionals. There is also need for the information professionals in the country to effect several changes including skills sets, mind sets and professional culture.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Library and Information Professionals in Zambia Take a Glimpse into the Future

Participants at the ZLA Conference, Siavonga, Zambia
About 90 library and information professionals in Zambia are meeting at Lake Safari Lodge in Siavonga at a three-day Zambia Library Association (ZLA) Conference, 11 – 13 August 2011. The theme of the conference - A Glimpse into the Future: Redefining the Role of Libraries in a Fast Changing Environment, will afford participants an opportunity to discuss, among others, the following:
  • Professionalism and education for librarians in Zambia;
  • Status of libraries in colleges of education in Zambia;
  • Public Libraries: catalyst for information literacy;
  • Information ethics in the information age;
  • Adopting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in libraries;
  • Use of Web 2.0/social media in public university libraries in Zambia
View of Lake Kariba from the Conference Venue Restaurant
Speakers at the conference will include Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa, University of Zambia Librarian, who will deliver the keynote address at the Opening Session; Professor Mary Wagner, a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the University of Zambia in the Department of Library and Information Studies, who will make a presentation on Public Libraries: catalyst for information literacy; and Mr. Charles Banda, Reference and Electronic Services Librarian at the Copperbelt University, who will speak about Web 2.0/social media in libraries in Zambia.
Participants at the conference have come from various parts Zambia mainly from public libraries, university libraries, specials libraries, the Department of Library and Information Studies of the University of Zambia and the Zambia Information Communication and Technology College (ZICTC).