Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fire destroys Mzuzu University Library

Malawi Library Association (MALA) has learnt with great shock and disbelief about the fire incident
The Library on fire. [Photo credit: Maravi Post]
which occurred at Mzuzu University Library on Friday 18th December, 2015 in which over 45 000 books, journals, and related resources as well as equipment, furniture and fittings got burnt down to ashes and some got badly damaged by the blaze. This is a very big loss, not only to Mzuzu University but also Malawi as a nation. Mzuzu University Library was a model library in the provision of modern library and information services in the country. All the books, journals, equipment, furniture and related fittings were carefully selected in line with modern standards. It was one of the richest reservoirs of knowledge in Malawi and beyond.

Malawi Library Association is therefore very saddened that such a model library and a hard-earned reservoir of knowledge has been lost in a fire incident. The situation is now very worrisome considering that the expensive books, equipment and other resources lost in the blaze as well as the damage caused to the library building cannot be replaced any time soon. This will adversely affect the delivery of academic programmes at the University. It is also important to note that the situation will not only affect Mzuzu University community, but also the membership of the Malawi Library Association as most of our members were benefitting from Mzuzu University Library in different ways.

In view of the fore-going, MALA would therefore like to extend its heart-felt sympathy to management, staff, students, and surrounding communities of Mzuzu University about the sad loss of our model and precious Mzuzu University Library. It is our sincere hope that all parties concerned about this situation will be able to respond positively to any calls to support Mzuzu University to re-build its library.

Richard Sabawo     
Fiskani Ngwira