Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Elevating professionalism: LIAZ's information management training workshop for librarians, registry, and records personnel

LIAZ workshop participants at
 the M'kango Golf View Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia
In a bid to enhance professionalism in libraries, registries, and record centers, the Library and Information Association of Zambia (LIAZ) recently organized a comprehensive Information Management Training workshop under the theme: “Enhancing professionalism in Libraries, Registries and Record Centers through ethical conduct, confidentiality, transparency, skills development and capacity building”. The workshop was held from the 4th to 8th of December, 2023, at M'kango Golfview Hotel in Lusaka and it drew over 150 participants, representing all 116 councils in Zambia. 

Opening Remarks and Objectives

Ms. Pauline Namulomba Nchemba, LIAZ Vice President, set the tone by emphasizing the critical role of the workshop in preparing attendees for success. She highlighted the focus on ethical standards, confidentiality, transparency, skill enhancement, and capacity building within public libraries and registry offices. The workshop aimed to foster ethical principles, ensure confidentiality, promote transparency, enhance technological proficiency, develop customer service techniques, and instill a culture of continuous learning.

Official Opening by the Guest of Honour - Mr. Nicholas Phiri-Permanent Secretary

Mr. Nicholas Phiri, the Permanent Secretary -Technical Services
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
The workshop was officially opened by Mr. Nicholas Phiri, the Permanent Secretary-Technical Services, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. Mr. Phiri commended the initiative, stating that such training is a valuable investment intended to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in managing outcome-oriented institutions. He urged attendees to apply the lessons learned, expressing the ministry's expectation of a notable difference in the operations of libraries, registries, and the handling of confidential information.

In addition, Mr. Phiri thanked LIAZ on behalf of the ministry for their assistance in promoting and advancing the nation's national development goal. "The new dawn government is dedicated to making sure that development is achieved nationwide without leaving any region behind”. 

LIAZ President’s Commitment

Mrs. Mutinta Nabuyanda, LIAZ President
Mrs. Mutinta Nabuyanda, LIAZ President, expressed gratitude to Mr. Nicholas Phiri and reaffirmed LIAZ's commitment to capacity building. She acknowledged the collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and highlighted LIAZ's dedication to addressing identified skill gaps through periodic skills audits.

Facilitators and Workshop Highlights

The workshop featured three facilitators: Mr. Solomon Nyirenda, Mr. Godfrey Miti, and Eng. Bornwell Luanga. They covered a range of topics, including enhancing professionalism, data protection, privacy, confidentiality, technological proficiency, record-keeping, transparency, customer service, community engagement, and professional growth.

On the first day, all the 3 facilitators gave overviews that focused on Challenges of Information Management in Public/ Private Institutions, Role of Librarians and Registry officers in Community Building and Enhancing Professionalism in Libraries, Record centers and Registry Services. On the second day, the discussion on data protection, privacy, and confidentiality was led by Eng. Bornwell Luanga. On the third day, Mr. Solomon Nyirenda covered technological proficiency, record-keeping, and transparency and on the fourth day, Mr. Godfrey Miti emphasized customer service, community engagement, and professional growth

Closing and Certification

Certificates of attendance were issued to all participants on the last day of the workshop, recognizing their commitment to enhancing professionalism in libraries, registries, and record centers. LIAZ's Information Management Training Workshop stands as a beacon for continuous learning and development within the field, ensuring that librarians and registry officers are equipped with the necessary skills to drive positive change in their respective roles. The workshop not only contributes to individual professional growth but also aligns with the national development goals of Zambia, showcasing the pivotal role libraries play in the country's progress.