Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tanzania Marks World Food Day at National Level in Lindi

Dr. Mponda (second left) of Naliendele
Agricultural Research Institute
stressing a point during exhibitions 
 Today, Tanzania joined other countries worldwide to mark the World Food Day. The colourful event took place in Lindi region about 450 km south of Dar es Salaam. The commemoration was preceeded by a week long of exhibitions from various agricultural stakeholders. The theme of this year's cerebrations is - Food prices from crisis to stability.  The Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives collaborated with other sector ministries(- livestock and fisheries Development), international organisations (- World Food Programme (WFP), Food and Agrculture Organisation (FAO) of United Nations ) and Lindi region to organise the event. Leaving alone the presence of government leaders and agricultural experts the most important message was to remind Tanzanians on the importance of access to food by every body. However, the messages were touching some of the challenges which have denied other people from getting adequate food and in balanced amounts. In recent years, food prices have been rising thus denying other people from this important right. Actually, this situation needs in some way to be addressed by concerned parties- governments at all levels and the people up to the grass roots. Most importantly, is to ensure increase in production and productivity at farm level, reduce post-harvest loses and using the food wisely at the household level. In this event the government of Tanzania expressed its commitment on this important obligation to its people. Likewise, the people especially farmers and livestock keepers were challenged to take their parts so that together food is made available to all at all times.