Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NIWA confirms hosting SCECSAL XXIV in 2020

The City of Windhoek is set to host SCECSAL XXIV in 2020.
[Photo: Justin Chisenga]
The Namibia Information Workers Association (NIWA) has confirmed that it will go ahead and organize the SCECSAL XXIV conference in 2020. According to Dr. Chiku Mnubi Mchombu, NIWA Vice Chairperson, the decision to go ahead with the conference was taken at the organization’s Executive Committee meeting on 23 May 2017; and endorsed by NIWA General Meeting on 20 June 2017.

NIWA was awarded the right to host the 2020 SCECSAL conference on 29 April 2016 in Swaziland at the conclusion of the SCECSAL XXII conference organized by the Swaziland Library Association (SWALA).

This will be the second time NIWA will host the SCECSAL conference. The organization first hosted the SCECSAL conference in 2000 on theme “Information 2000: a Vision for the SCECSAL region”.

SCECSAL XIV, held in Windhoek from 10-15 April 2000, introduced the practice of distributing books containing SCECSAL conference papers to participants at registration, a practice that since then has been adopted at all SCECSAL conferences except in 2014 when the Malawi Library Association failed to do so and distributed the publications almost a year later in 2015.

The SCECSAL XXIV Local Organizing Committee will be chaired by Dr. Chiku Mnubi Mchombu. She informed SCECSAL Forum that more information on the arrangements for the conference will be made available in due course.


  1. Congs NIWA and thanks for accepting the SCECSAL 2010 Bid.
    It will be really nice to visit Namibia come 2020.

  2. Looking forward to the XXIV SCECSAL 2020. The high level of excitement and readiness exhibited by the Namibian delegation during the XXIII SCECSAL 2018 at Entebbe, Uganda was marvelous.