Thursday, March 7, 2024

Tell your library’s SDGs story! Share your library’s SDGs experiences!

... at the session on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Libraries, and Information Services in the SCECSAL Region in Mombasa, Kenya

During the upcoming XXVIth SCECSAL Conference on 22-26 April in Mombasa, Kenya, the SCECSAL Secretariat and the Kenya Library Association will provide a platform, on 26 April, for libraries,  information centres, library associations, and individual library and information professionals in the SCECSAL region (and from outside the region) to share stories and experiences on their programmes, initiatives, products, and services that promote or contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the national or regional level. 

If you will be attending the SCECSAL Conference in Mombasa and you have an SDGs story to tell or an experience to share, please contact the SCECSAL Secretariat. Send us your proposal indicating the following:

  1. Title of the story (maximum 10 words)
  2. Target beneficiaries. 
  3. SDGs being addressed.
  4. Description/narrative (350-500 words).

You may want to read IFLA’s How to tell your story Elements of compelling evidence-based storytelling for a quick guide.

The session will include presentations of selected SDGs stories and an expert panel discussion. We welcome stories from libraries, library associations, library and information professionals, and organizations supporting libraries to provide and deliver library and information services that are contributing to achieving the SDGs.

Send your proposals and requests for further information, via email, to:

The deadline for submitting the proposals is 22 March 2024.

Register for the Conference at:

PDF version of the announcement is available HERE.

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