Friday, May 3, 2024

The SCECSAL conference provided me with an excellent networking opportunity

 By Veronica Muthoni Kariuki, State Department for Cooperatives, Kenya

Greetings, SCESCAL fraternity!

It brings me great pleasure to share my experience attending the 2024 SCESCAL conference at the Pride Inn Paradise Hotel in Mombasa. The journey was filled with excitement, knowing that I would meet fellow professionals from Eastern, Central, and Southern African countries. The conference provided an excellent networking opportunity, and I learned a great deal from the presentations.

Veronica Muthoni Kariuki at the SCECSAL conference
in Mombasa, Kenya

The sessions were of the highest quality, emphasizing the need for us to be agents of change in the digital era. As everything rapidly evolves, embracing these changes is crucial to avoid being left behind by the ever-advancing tide.

One of the highlights was the culture dinner, where African diversity was beautifully showcased.

From captivating stories to national anthems, traditional dances, and attire, the evening was truly exciting.

As I reflect on this experience, I pray that I will have the privilege of attending future SCESCAL conferences, wherever they may be held. Long live SCESCAL!

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